How to apply...

Before you can proceed you first must have the obligatory completed and approved pharmacy qualification, following at least 4 years full-time academic study which entitles the holder to apply for registration in the country of training. To be able to continue with the process, you must also be registered or be eligible for registration as a pharmacist in the country where you obtained your qualification. 

Next, you have to identify whether you are in Stream A or Stream B:

  • Stream A: This is the faster route. It is taken by those who have been deemed eligible by COPRA (Council of Pharmacy Registering Authorities of Australia). This includes your degree and fitness to practice (must hold a current license to practice). An initial assessment of a candidate's qualifications and associated documents is undertaken to determine an applicant's eligibility to undertake the secondary assessment which is the knowledge assessment (KAPS) for Stream A or the competency assessment (CAOP) for Stream B.
  • Stream B: Suitable for everyone else. You still have to pass through Stream A but it is necessary to pass the CAOP assessment first.
Confused about which Stream you should take? Have a look at our APEC Stream choice page.