Want to become an Australian Pharmacist?

Want to become an Australian Pharmacist?

Well first there are some requirements...

  1. Register with the Pharmacy Board of Australia. 
  2. Apply for a visa issued by the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (Australian Immigration Department). 

Overseas qualified pharmacists from countries other than New Zealand, seeking general registration in Australia are required to pass an examination conducted under the auspices of the Australian Pharmacy Council (APC).  All applicants are categorized into either  'Stream A' or 'Stream B'.

'Stream A' candidates, are required to complete a full internship and must follow the procedures outlined in graduates of an approved program of study. 

'Stream B' candidates are required to complete a shorter period of supervised practice and require limited registration for supervised practice. 

Unsure whether you should choose Stream A or Stream B? Click the link for more information.