Our Team

APECExam.com is run by a dedicated team of pharmacists, all of which are qualified to practice within Australia. APECExam.com was initially set up, as our pharmacists, before they became licensed, found little to no support online for the exam and therefore, grouped together to build this website. 

Mike Kruger, is our main lead pharmacist. He runs his own independently owned pharmacy in Canberra and runs the day to day updates to questions and our blogs. He is a member of the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia and enjoys graphic novels and mushroom picking!

Initially, APECExam was a free service and we still offer some free APEC Exam questions, however, as we have grown in popularity, we started now employ dedicated tutors to help students in their APEC revising endeavours. If you would like more information about our team, contact us, however, enjoy the horrible photo of our team below!

The APEC Exam Team