Hi there just want to thank you for creating such a lovely website of apec exam questions and helping us in every way especially for people like me who did their BPharm long ago and its really helpful. Thank you.

       ---Sumera Zeeshan, Australia, January 2018

The first time I took the APEC, I used a pretty much all of the recommended study guides that I could find on Amazon; unfortunately, I didnt pass on my first attempt. I found this website and followed all the tutorials and practice tests. With the help of Mike and the team I passed! Thanks for providing this website!!

      ---Amit Patel, British Queensland, Australia, November 2017

Your prep materials are the best. Paying for the Gold course was the best money I've spent. I was averaging pretty low when I took my first practice exam. I did all the tutorials, pharmacy resource practice, practice questions and practice exams. It really acclimatized me to what to expect during the exam. Thanks for a great service. 

      ---Derek Evans, Australia, February 2017

Your service is amazing. Not just because it is great, but because you speak the truth. I myself have spent thousands using face to face tuition but they all missed the point, you need to see what the current state of affairs is with the exam, not old papers which are now irrelevant. Anyhow, kudos to your philanthropic activities. Let me know if I can help you in any way. 

      ---Dean Mohamed, Quebec, March 2016

I found this site when I was doing my undergrad and saved it in my favourite places cause I knew one day it would come in handy. I have referred several friends to the site and am now using it to study for my KAPS which I plan to take in about a month. I love the site, especially the practice tests because you can see your score go up as you study more.

      ---Anonymous, March 2016

I stumbled upon APECExam after months of frustrating study with a number of other online resources, they all lacked difficulty, consistency, or quality (a lot of the questions I found online were not ACTUALLY from the APC Exam but generic pharmacy questions). I wanted to thank the creators of this service for providing the service at such a reasonable price. I will recommend it for all of my friends taking the APEC.

      ---Daniel Chui, Sydney, January 2015

"the materials and questions which has been fantastic and i have been much improved my knowledge

      ---Siddharth, India, October 2014

"I just wanted to say a special thanks to your lead tutor Mike, his help has been indispensable!" 

      ---Sonia, England, May 2014

"I will recommend you to my colleagues." 

      ---Mel Z, USA

"APEC Exam has completely surpassed our expectations. Keep up the excellent work."

      ---Sanjay J, India

"Thank you for making it painless, pleasant and most of all hassle free! Thanks APEC Exam! The service was excellent." 

      ---Sunil A, Bangladesh

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